13 de febrero de 2011

Estancia de investigación Universidad de Tromso, Noruega

La siguiente convocatoria es para una beca de investigación (Fellowship) en la Universidad de Tromso en Noruega, en donde buscan un estudiante de doctorado para investigar temas relacionados a la cuestión indígena más allá de las fronteras.

PhD Fellowship, Indigeneity Beyond Boundaries ( University of Tromso, Norway)

PhD Fellowship, Indigeneity Beyond Boundaries, University of Tromso 1
April 2011

The University of Tromsø welcomes applications for a full financed 4 year PhD fellowship with a deadline of 1 April 2011.

The theme for this fellowship is 'indigeneity across boundaries'. The successful candidate will study this topic ethnographically. Possible projects approaches are - but not limited to - studying the symbolic and phenomenological aspect of 'boundaries' in general; focusing on how arbitrary boundaries positively or negatively affect the fates of indigenous people within or without those boundaries; understanding how the relational quality of boundaries define both the person as well as social imagineries; comparing the career of the term indigeneity across a North-South axis in one or more sites; or specifying how boundaries hold a double-edged quality that often fragments solidarity while creating new hierarchies.

The position is not restricted to any ethnographic region.

For further information please contact Professor David Anderson, phone: +47 77 64 43 98, e-mail:
david.anderson@uit.no or consult the

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